Employee Spotlight: Q & A with Zach Polo

“It’s a competitive, yet supportive work environment which challenges you daily to learn more and be better.” quoted from Zach Polo when asked what his favorite part about working at Fletcher Jones Audi.

We challenge our people each and every day with many potential growth opportunities. This is the Fletcher Jones Difference.

For this week’s Employee Spotlight, we chatted with Zach Polo. He’s our very own Audi Brand Specialist with great aspirations!  Read more below to find more about Zach!


Fletcher Jones Audi: What’s your current title at Fletcher Jones Audi?

Zach Polo: I’m currently an Audi Brand Specialist.

FJA: How long have you been in the automotive industry?

ZP: I’m a “Green Pea” (a term for someone who has newly started in the Automotive Industry) as they say. I started in the automotive industry in February, the same time I started at Fletcher Jones Audi.

FJA: What’s your career path leading up to where you are now?

ZP: Well in chronological order from training “Green Pea”, training Audi Brand Specialist to full Audi Brand Specialist and finally GM…well not quite there yet, though in the future that’s the goal at least!

FJA: What’s your favorite part about working in the Fletcher Jones Family?

ZP: It’s a competitive, yet supportive work environment which challenges you daily to learn and be better.

FJA: What’s your current favorite car?

ZP: If we’re talking about in the United States, the Audi RS 7. If we’re talking about overseas such as the in the United Kingdom, the Audi RS 3 Sportback



FJA: What’s the best part about living in Chicago?

ZP: I’d have to say the great sports teams, great food, and endless opportunities. I’ve lived here my whole entire life so it’s all I really know.

FJA: Any favorite restaurants in Chicago or the local surrounding area?

ZP: Definitely Johnnie’s Beef on North Ave.

FJA: What keeps you busy away from work?

ZP: I love playing volleyball with my friends. When I travel to see my father in Michigan, we love to fish. I like to hike and camp as well. I truly believe being outside is a place to center oneself after being in the city environment for so long! 

FJA: Finally, what keeps you motivated in life?

ZP: I’m motivated to always do better, always learn and most importantly always progress. My father taught me a long time ago that life is like opening a door, there’ll be another one after that, and as long as you keep opening them, then there are limitless and endless possibilities. Don’t be afraid of what is on the other side, rather embrace it. 

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