Employee Spotlight: Q & A with Isaias Mancilla

“I feel that being a part of the Fletcher Jones Family is quite literally an extension of my own family.” quoted from Isaias Mancilla when asked what his favorite part about work at Fletcher Jones Audi.

Here at Fletcher Jones Audi, not only is everyone “family” here but so are you! We aren’t 100% satisfied until you are. This is the Fletcher Jones Difference.

For this week’s Employee Spotlight, we sat down with Isaias, our very own Audi Sales Manager here at Fletcher Jones Audi. Continue below to get to know more about Isaias!

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Isaias Mancilla at Fletcher Jones Audi, Chicago, IL. 

Fletcher Jones Audi: What’s your current title and how long have you been with the Fletcher Jones Audi?

Isaias Mancilla: I’m an Audi Sales Manager and have been with the Fletcher Jones family for about three and a half years. 

FJA: How long have you been in the automotive industry?

IM: I started in the automotive business roughly 13 years ago. I started out as a lot attendant/porter.

FJA: What are your day-to-day operations?

IM: In addition to helping customers finding their perfect Audi to suit their lifestyle, I manage an awesome team of excellent sales people!

FJA: What is your favorite part about working at Fletcher Jones Audi?

IM: I feel that being a part of the Fletcher Jones Family is quite literally an extension of my own family.

FJA: Anything cool that you’re currently working on?

IM: Currently we are in the process of ordering and taking delivery of the new 2019 Audi A6 as well as the 2019 Audi A7. It’s a very exciting time for all of us here!

900 × 600                                                                                                                                                                                           The All-New 2019 Audi A6 Sedan


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The All-New 2019 Audi A7 Sportback


FJA: What’s currently your favorite vehicle?

IM: Without a doubt, the 2018 Audi RS 3. RS vehicles are very rare and it’s extremely exciting every time we even get one in stock or when one of our customers are here to visit in one.

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The 2018 Audi RS 3 in Audi Exclusive Viper Green

FJA: Any hobbies or obsessions?

IM: My two favorite hobbies are my family and working on and racing my car.

FJA: If you could see any musical performance, (dead or alive) who would it be?

IM: Queen with Freddie Mercury hands down! Watching videos of them performing live is amazing. I could only imagine watching it live in person.

FJA: If you could visit anywhere in the world that you’ve never been to, where would you go?

IM: Hawaii! I have always been fascinated with the beautiful island and can’t imagine not having a great time there with my wife and kids!

FJA: What’s your favorite part about living in Chicago?

IM: This is home for me. I love everything about Chicago, the people, the food, the neighborhoods.

FJA: Finally, what keeps you motivated every day?

IM: My family. I love them very much. It makes all the hard work well worth it.

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