Shop Foreman David Pilotto provides us with a great service tip on what the TPMS is all about and why it lights up on your dashboard.
What Does Tire Pressure Monitoring System Do?
It monitors the tire pressure and makes sure that the pressure is within safe limits. If the light is on, the tire pressure is either too high or too low.
When Tire Pressure is Too Low
The sidewall of the tire gets damaged and will not properly support your Audi's weight. It would also damage your rims.
When Tire Pressure is Too High
You would have difficulty handling your Audi, and you will experience rougher rides. Having tire pressure that is too high is definitely much more dangerous than having it too low as tires would blow out easily.
What to Do When TPMS Shows Up on Dashboard?
1. Check your tires. Make sure none of the tires are flat. If one or more of the four tires is/are flat, you should call us at 
888-840-2377 for road assistance.
2. If neither four are flat all the way, check your tire pressure. Come by for a quick Preferred Owner complimentary multi-point inspection!
3. If this happens often, you either need new tires or your sensors may be faulty. Here are 5 signs you need new tires.

Drive Safely!
David will make sure your Audi will be ready to get back on the road in no time when you schedule a service appointment by contacting us online or at 
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