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Audi Joins Forces with Marvel

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The largest pop culture convention in the Midwest, also known as the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, is back and it’s taking place now (April 6-8)! And if you’re anything like the Fletcher Jones Audi team, you’re probably stoked to find out the latest scoop on the Marvel’s, Avengers: Infinity War at the 2018 C2E2. After all, Marvel sure seems to have great taste in cars.

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Employee Spotlight: Q & A with Venita Rais

At Fletcher Jones Audi, we strive to be nothing short of the best. That doesn’t stop at the quality of care and service you receive, but of our awesome employees as well! This week’s Employee Spotlight, we spoke with Venita Rais, our Upgrade Program Director here at Fletcher Jones Audi!

Read more about Venita below!  

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Employee Spotlight: Q & A with Zach Polo

“It’s a competitive, yet supportive work environment which challenges you daily to learn more and be better.” quoted from Zach Polo when asked what his favorite part about working at Fletcher Jones Audi.

We challenge our people each and every day with many potential growth opportunities. This is the Fletcher Jones Difference.

For this week’s Employee Spotlight, we chatted with Zach Polo. He’s our very own Audi Brand Specialist with great aspirations…

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2019 Audi RS 7 Will Be Faster Than Ever With 700-HP

What’s better than 605 horsepower? How about 700! Say hello to the newest member of the 700-hp club, the 2019 Audi RS 7.


That’s right. The Audi RS 7 will be joining the elite of high-performance sports cars like: Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, McLaren P1, and the Mercedes-AMG® SLS.

The newly modified RS 7 will come available with your choice of powertrain such as, the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 good…

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