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Audi e-tron® Models

These are no ordinary Audi models. The Audi e-tron® models are infused with the same Audi DNA that has made us renowned for performance and innovation worldwide.

The fully-electric Audi e-tron® models are equipped with an e-quattro® all-wheel drive system, intelligent technology, and advanced charging capabilities.

Across the board, these innovative additions to the Audi lineup boast superior performance that makes electric driving practical for everyday life with limitless possibilities.

Audi e-tron® Specials

$7,500 Federal BEV + PHEV Tax Credit

On Select BEV and PHEV vehicles

To qualify, your new vehicle must be purchased or leased. Not for resale. Tax credit is non-refundable. If purchased, you MUST complete and file IRS Form 8936 with your federal tax return in order to claim this credit. Other requirements or exceptions may apply in your particular circumstance. For more detailed information, please consult an IRS tax representative and/or official IRS publications. The information in this advertisement is not tax advice. The dealership is not authorized to provide tax advise as customers circumstances vary.

Audi e-tron® Charging

Recharge at home

Easy to install and convenient to charge, our in-home charging solutions allow you to wake up to a freshly charged vehicle. White-glove home charger installation provided by Qmerit makes set up simple so you can recharge while your vehicle charges.

Charging credits

The network of Electrify America stations feature cross-country routes that allow you to recharge on long trips or in metro areas. New Audi e-tron® models come with complimentary charging at Electrify America fast-charging stations across the country.