If you've just been told you're due for a tire rotation, you may have questions like, "What is a tire rotation?" and "What does a tire rotation do for my tires?" That's normal, and the tire center team at Fletcher Jones Audi is here to help. A tire rotation is the act of moving your tires to a different position on your vehicle, and it can make your tires last longer, as well as improve performance. Review our guide below to learn more about rotating your tires today at the Fletcher Jones Audi service center

What Does Rotating Tires Mean for Your Service?

The goal of a tire rotation is to create more uniform wear across all of your tires to maintain performance and tire life. This is done by changing the position of each tire on the vehicle, most often by moving the front tires to the rear and the rear tires to the front. Sometimes, this also includes moving tires from the driver's side to the passenger's side of the vehicle and vice versa. The way in which your tires end up changing position on your vehicle is known as the tire rotation pattern. 

Additional Tire Rotation Factors

  • For the majority of vehicles, their front tires will show more wear first. This is due to weight distribution, as well as many vehicles being front-wheel drive. 
  • Your vehicle's drivetrain impacts your tire wear pattern because it controls where the engine power is sent. Front-wheel drive vehicles will have more power sent to the front axle in order to move the vehicle, which will increase the wear of those tires. 

What Does Tire Rotation Do For Performance & Handling? 

  • Avoid Flats & Blowouts: Inconvenient at best, dangerous at worst, tire failure can be a result of uneven tire wear. Regular tire rotations can help prevent this from happening to you in Elmwood Park.
  • Retain Traction: As your tire treads wear they begin to lose their ability to grip to the Naperville roads. Keeping up with tire rotations will help prevent uneven tread wear and loss of traction.
  • Better Handling: While uneven tire wear can lead to a vibrating car and shaking steering wheel, maintaining your tires will help preserve your smooth Audi performance. 
  • Continued Fuel Efficiency: Poor tire quality will lead to increased drag and engine strain, ultimately impacting your vehicle's fuel economy. 

Schedule Your Tire Rotation Near the Bucktown

If you've been putting off your tire rotation due to a busy schedule, you don't have to anymore with Fletcher Jones Audi. Our service pick-up and delivery allows for you to stay a full day at the office or take on your home projects while we take care of your vehicle. Learn more about this service and schedule your appointment today near the Gold Coast.


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